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  • CONCERT WEAR FITTINGS HAPPENING THIS WEEK: Returning students can pick up their concert wear from the shed on Monday to take home and try on if you think it may still fit.  There is a white box with plastic dry cleaning bags by the racks if you need one. If your concert wear fits, Great!  You can keep it at home and do not need to come for fittings. If your concert wear does not fit, come to exchange it during fitting times on Tuesday or Wednesday. Uniform moms will not be in the shed on Monday!  This is only to pick up your concert wear from last year to try on! Do not touch the stock concert wear!! The returning student concert wear is on racks in the shed in alphabetical order. If you cannot find yours there, you either did not turn it in or did not put your name on it.  If it is not at home, you need to come on Tuesday or Wednesday to be refitted. Girls:  Some of the pearls turned in were mistakenly put away.  If you turned in pearls and they are not with your dress, please let Emma Suleweski know and she will make a list for us.

  • Our annual Cookie Dough fundraiser has begun. Click HERE for more information.

  • Our next Marco’s Pizza night is Tuesday, October 31!
  • Our annual Yankee Candle fundraiser has begun! Click HERE to order and support THE Houston Band!
  • SPRING TRIP INFO: All students and chaperones attending the Spring Trip must stay up-to-date on payments.  Everyone must be up-to-date by November 1 or they will not be able to stay on the trip roster.  This will be the next to last payment.  Carnival has no leeway on payments so 3 payments by November 1 and final by December 1 is a must.  More information for participants is coming soon!

  • Our Annual Senior Night Banquet and Presentations will be Thursday, November 9 at 7 PM at Houston High School. Senior Banquet is quickly approaching. On November 9th, Seniors will be honored by their families and underclassmen with a dinner and presentation. We need your help to make this a special time for our outstanding Seniors.

    Please click this link for the Signup Genius to see how you can help us with this great annual event!  http://www.signupgenius.com/go/9040b4ea4aa23a13-senior